The Background of Activity

Sport is one of the dominant components in form of mentality, character, and healthy in both of physic and spiritual on a person. Through the sport activities hopefully can create the healthy, competence, qualified, great fighting spirit, and positive soul of human resources, so they able to get an achievement in the development of people and nations. Moreover, the sport activities are one of the forms of relationship to bond and strengthen the fraternity and unity of nations.

Commisioner of Bali Police (Police Inspector General Dr. Petrus R. Golose) has a great interest in Table Tennis. Therefore, during the 73rd Anniversary of Bhayangkara, Commisioner of Bali Police took an initiative in holding the international table tennis tournament joined by several countries. This tournament also serves as the handover term for Commisioner of Bali Police (Police Inspector General Dr. Petrus R. Golose) to be the chief of Indonesia Table Tennis Federation of Bali Province for the term of 2019-2024.

In the action to get the benefit from that sport activities is not away from the local tradition that available on each regions. On this case, table tennis becomes the stage for get the achievement that will be used as the exhibition match of the athletes in Indonesia’s club.

The Purposes and Objectivies of The Championship


  • Finding the talented table tennis athletes.
  • Bringing up the Potential Young Athletes to compete in National and International stages.
  • Giving the chance to compete for Indonesia’s tennis table athletes against Foreign table tennis athletes